The acadmic programmes are designed on the basis of cirtain principles, ideals & vision, Bible says, 'The fear of the lord is the begining of wisdom'.
We encourage the students and parents to be god fearing.
Mahatama Gandhi, the father of our nation said, 'Education is the total development of Body, Mind & spirit., All the academic/educational activities of the school are designed on this basis.
'Education with a human face' is our stress always. This school is standing for 'making good, effective & creative human beings'.

Features of CPS Academic Sphere :
  • Effective curriculum as per the CCE syllabus prescribed by the CBSE.
  • Classroom teaching - transparent and effective communication of imparting knowledge.
  • More emphasis on 'How, Why, What' questions from the students during teaching.
  • Laying more importance on creative writing & updating notes through discussions and debates.
  • Proper revision on the subjects are of great priority- revision periods are led by the students in the higher classes.
  • Learning through group study among students is practiced.
  • Study material program for each and every subject is introduced to arouse interest among students.
  • The Examination Syllabus & Schedule are pre determined in an Academic Calender.
  • The valuation of the answer sheets are done on the basis of model answers and the common marking scheme. So no disparity in the marks will happen.
  • After every examination each student is provided written answer sheets consolidated in a file.
  • We enforce a home time-table for the self study at home in consonance with their daily class routine.

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