Discipline is as important as the academic exercises. Discipline in the classroom, corridor, on the ground & outside the four wall of the school is advocated. Discipline should not be imposed on the students but they should be informed on the importance of disciplined life in their life time.
Discipline in the absence of the teacher/guardian, C.C.T.V. Camera is the real discipline. In the presence of the teacher/guardian, the children can enjoy the freedom under guidance.
The implementation of discipline should not kill the enthusiasm, inspiration, imagination & creativeness of the child. No corporal punishment is allowed in the school.
We implement educative punishments and corrective measures in the school & we advocate all the parents to practice this at home also.

The following are the means of implementing discipline in school:
  • Formation of Teachers forum for conducting various activities of the school.
  • Class Council Members are elected from the students for each and every class & section. Each class council members is entrusted with particular responsibilities to control/guide the students.
  • Formation of student's forum for conducting & controlling all the total activities of the school.
  • 'Democratic Classroom Management' is the theme of the total discipline of the school.
  • Counseling & Moral Guidance are the prime factors to eradicate in disciplinary activities.
  • We encourage Teacher-Parent transparent communication to mound the character & the personality of the children.
  • Generating self-discipline among the students is our prime goal.

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